SetupBuilder for Clarion

Back in the day Softvelocity used to advertise “SetupBuilder for Clarion”.

All users who purchased a new license of Clarion 7 Enterprise Edition or upgraded from Clarion 6 Enterprise Edition can receive a free copy of SetupBuilder for Clarion. To obtain your copy of SetupBuilder for Clarion, contact us for instructions to download.

Which can still be seen via the way back machine cache of the SV site.

On the Lindersoft site they list on their downloads page:

SetupBuilder 2017 Clarion Edition
(Tailor-made SoftVelocity freeware version for Clarion 10)

I assume the offer still stands, if you are interested, best to contact SV or Lindersoft and ask. Report back here if you have any success!

Just FYI :slight_smile:


BTW, in case you did not know, ClarionLive have a discount offer for SetupBuilder:

Discount From Lindersoft: We have created a special *********** 20% discount coupon to give access to SetupBuilder Developer Edition for $319.20 instead of $399.00!

You can find it on their page -

What do you think about Install Forge?

I have not used that one but another one that I have used is Inno Setup and it’s quite good, been around for ever. I noticed recently that VSCode uses it for their windows installer. I’m not sure if that is common for electron apps or in particular to VSCode.

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