Shift select multiple records in list box


Can anyone tell me how I could implement a shift select on a list box?
Users can highlight multiple records individually but sometimes they would like to be able to shift click to select a chunk of records at one time.
I’m guessing it would have to do with alert keys and pre alert keys but that’s as far as I can work out.


This isn’t exactly my best work, but it does the job on handcoded listboxes. Will not work on page loaded browses, but I heard it works OK on file loaded browses. I didn’t test on file loaded browses myself though.

For browses @BoxSoft Super Tagging has Windows-style marking (Click, Shift-Click, Ctrl-Click)

BoxSoft Super Tagging

Highly recommended.


Thanks, Carlos. Yup, Super Tagging does it for regular Browses. If you need it for a hand-coded list, then see episode #599 on That’s part 10 of a series, and I’ve released the class and template to do that. (20.9 KB)

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Check our prof solution EasyMultiTag