Should PROP:Filter should come before or after the open(MyView)?

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I did a quick test and it didn’t seem to matter either way. Does anyone have any more thoughts or evidence on the subject?

see ViewManager.Open in ABFile.CLW


Interestingly though it seems to work either way (I have not done any very serious testing). Perhaps because table used by the view is already open?

Probably it should be set before the first NEXT(). That’s how it’s documented for PROP:Where

Gosh yes, I had not noticed that on the PROP:Where although I don’t recall ever using it:

Note: The SET statement clears any WHERE clause set by the SEND statement.

In the case of PROP:Filter though I would think that needs to occur before the Set statement. Particularly since PROP:Filter can be used for non SQL file drivers whereas the PROP:Where is specific to SQL drivers. The example in the help for PROP:Filter shows it being applied before the Open :

BRW1::View:Browse{PROP:Filter} = 'Mem:LastName = KeyValue'  !Specify filter condition
OPEN(BRW1::View:Browse)                                     !Open the view

But as Mark pointed out the ABC Classes do the opposite.