Showing full file path in clarion

How can i show full file path or the path for specific path for a default folder in clarion.
I have developed file comparison tool for which i would need a complete default path for the folder, what should i use to get a specific default path.

I have read this a few times and do not understand your question. Are you talking about using Clarion? Default folder from what?

LONGPATH() will get the full path of a file/folder within the relative path, but I don’t know if that’s what you’re asking.

Yes @jslarve i am talking about clarion…currently i am only getting the drive path letter i.e. c:
abc\ , but i want a path for a selected folder by default

@vedant are you referring to a FILEDIALOG or DOSFileLookup? If that is what you are referring just set your passed string variable. i.e. :point_down:

MyFolder = ‘D:\My Default Folder’
FILEDIALOG(‘Select Folder’,MyFolder,FILE:Directory)

Just make sure your folder exists, it will get you there by default.

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tried that thing but only default folder is shown i.e. C:\abc\

the path i wanted is like c:\abc\volume, which in these case isn’t showing me.

i have developed a procedure for that as SELF.GetPathAndFolder(GLO:PFILEPATH,PMAINPATH,PVQ:FOLDER)
but only 1st parameter is returning the value, other two are blank which should have the folder name.

Look in the help for the following items:


You will be able to do what you need with these.


Here is a class that works with Filenames, splitting them apart, and putting them together
The .inc is in the same folder of the same repo…