Simple ChatGPT example using Capesoft templates

You can communicate with ChatGPT using this Clarion code and integrate it into your software. However, please remember that the application requires Nettalk and StringTheory templates developed by Capesoft to function properly. Additionally, please be reminded that you need to generate an API key from the following link: OpenAI Platform and input this key into the software. I hope this is helpful. (3.0 MB)


Nice “Gelen cevap” translate to Incoming reply…

The inclusion of LLM’s in applications going forward where the app can be recognised and driven by AI is surely next.

And products with this in mind where its internal structures are command friendly is surely the way forward. It might be a decade away but the pace of change is always surprising and we changed to command drive a decade ago instead of GUI operator driven.

Nice demo of using Cape softs web client in a clarion app.

Thanks for that…

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Philosophically speaking; everything began on the day when writing was invented. The knowledge accumulated over thousands of years is now being presented to humanity, blended according to our needs. The momentum of progress with artificial intelligence will elevate this further and make the growth of the human population unnecessary. More importantly, we are no longer limited by a human lifespan.

I hope the tool serves your needs.

Indeed may save the planet!

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