Site updated to Discourse Version 1.2

There was a short period of downtime today** while I updated the site to the latest from Discourse.
Previously I was running the site on their “test-passed” branch but updated were getting hard to manage so last time I shifted to the “stable” branch. This has been a nice relief for me and we managed to skip a good few issues in between stable releases!

I am pleased to announce now that we have updated to Discourse Version 1.2 and with it come a bunch of cool new things.

Most notable in this release are a few visual changes like the rendering of categories as well as a the new tagger plugin. Now when you create a new topic you can add tags. You need to be trust level 2 or higher but if you are, go for it… start tagging away!

Take a look at all the changes in this release though, it is truly massive:

Some details on the tagger plugin:

*** - short period of downtime today*
Yeah so I have been testing the upgrades on a local VM to help minimize the downtime and I thought I had it all worked out. Snapshot the DO droplet, 15 minutes. apt-get update the OS, 10 minutes. Fix the web.yml, 5 minutes. Rebuild data and web, 15 minutes. It was going well until the rebuild on web timed out on the first run and then just hung on the second run! Eek! Turns out though that the second run completed ok but the terminal hung… Seems running on only 1GB ram has its consequences. Poor droplet… Discourse is pretty heavy going. Hopefully when I get around to passing the hat around we can beef up the server a little :smile:

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