Skype Chat Groups

Public Chats

  • CW-Talk2
  • Clarion Live Chat
  • Clarion-Based SQL chat
  • CW-Talk Nederland
  • Codejock / Noyantis discussions
  • (KSS) Kwik Source Search
  • French group ‘Rencontres Clarion’
  • Spanish Clarion Chat Group
  • Clarion Server Chat (about running VPS or Dedicated Remote Server)

By Invite - simply due to Public Chat’s being deprecated

  • Sublime Text
  • Mobile Devices
  • .NET Development
  • Politics – as they are banned in several chats

Links to chats are available in The Lobby (members only) due to abuse by spammers. Go to the Skype Chat Groups - Login Links topic. If you cannot see the topic then let me know (make sure you are a member of the ClarionHub obviously!) and I will make sure you can get in!