Smart Zoom template


Smart Zoom template enables web browser-like zoom feature in your applications, that is, the combination “Ctrl + Mouse wheel” zooms in and out any LIST or TEXT.
Optionally it may display percent value of zoom factor, and reset to defaults.

For LIST control Smart Zoom cares about column widths and row heights, and correctly handles styles applied to the list.


  • 30 USD


  • C5.5 and newer; old Clarion versions have not tested, but probably will work as well.
  • Both ABC and Clarion template chains.
  • No black boxes: only Clarion source files and templates.

How to enable Smart Zoom in your application

Add Smart Zoom global extension, and that’s all! All your windows now support zooming for lists and texts.

Demo application SCHOOL

  • Download from here:
  • Unzip zip file into a temporary folder somewhere
  • Run School.exe, choose any item from “Tree” or “Browse” menu, and play with zooming via Ctrl-Mouse wheel.
    “Students” browse also displays zoom factor indicator and a button to reset.
    In this app there is only one TEXT control - Browse|Courses|Change, you can see how Smart Zoom works with texts there.



Looks cool!

BTW I think it will be a good option to Save & Restore Zoom factor between a sessions. Now you have to setup it every time you open a screen.


Thanks for the suggestion!


… also reset to default size like Ctrl+0


Thanks for the suggestion!


In version v1.01:

  • Ctrl-0 resets active control’s zoom
  • The template allows to save/restore zoom level


Suggestion: CtrlPlus and CtrlMinus as ZoomIn ZoomOut hotkeys.


thanks, good idea.


v1.02 is available.

  • keyboard support: Ctrl-0/Ctrl-Plus/Ctrl-Minus