Softvelocity Builds Status

Morning All,
What is the status of the latest releases from Softvelocity. Thinking of jumping back in after a while.

The Windows builds and also dot net.

Thanks Richard

Hi Richard


current C11 release is 11.13505

the dot net product hasn’t been updated in many years and feels abandoned. Having said that, RZ from SV has mentioned new dot net versions in various CIDC presentations but nothing has been released to my knowledge.

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Don’t do it. That’s the best advice I can offer right now.


“Thinking of jumping back in after a while.”

Why? What do you think it’ll get you ?

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I’m using newest Clarion 11 13505 every day and all day. IDE crashes are rare for me… probably because I have slowed down to not hang the IDE … click wait, click wait. I like the new IDE. While its not Visual Studio it has improved every release.

I enjoy using the Clarion language. The templates allow me to code business database programs easily that are reliable. If you’ve used Clarion in the past you know the deal.

I hope it’s not seen as trashing him to suggest when considering DCASH’s comments to read his prior posts. IIRC he is very disappointed he paid for Clarion# and it has not been updated. I also lost out on that but as I said I use regular flat Clarion every day. While I groan sending anyone $1000 I know the costs from SV are not a significant percent of revenue that I try to avoid. I need the tools. IIRC those threads have posts by Bruce and others that may enlighten you on your question.

As Paul’s question says … it is hard to guide you without knowing some of your plans? Software to manage a Beer Can collection ( I got a rare '74 of Miller Lite with a misprint on the label) …versus software for a Micro Brewery?


I write this as my large App builds in v13401 rather than v13505. The fact that this is necessary represents, in many ways, the spectrum of experience & thought about the tool.

I am sure most here agree with you in regard to using the Clarion language and templates. Because the original post from Richard specifically mentions dot net, stay away seems more than a fair response.

In regard to the “windows build”, a v13505 compiled program fails for me when used with PostgreSQL but the same code compiled with v13401 does not. Having now been 6 months since the v13505 release and with SV radio silent as always, I too ask why someone might seek a Clarion re-start without explicitly recognizing that SV financial/managerial limitations remain and are perhaps worse today than before. On the other hand, my research institute remains COVID open in part because of what v13401 enabled me to whip out in a matter of days for compliance with emergency health orders.

In many ways, the Clarion experience is like an addiction - never to be sufficiently cursed, but I’m sure not giving it up.

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There’s a new blog entry:

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Thanks for all the replies.

Why jump back in you ask. I acknowledge all the comments as I to have been around for a long time in this community, since the cpd days.

Why, I have a significant piece of code sitting around doing very little (cash book invoicing ledger crm package) and this is in TPS at the moment (and clarion 8 ABC so easy to upgrade to v11). I wrote it to make my company bank account reconcilation process a lot easier. Not available, not currently downloadable, not for sale and code not available. But interested to discuss your thoughts if you have any.

On other stuff, I had to help my 16 year old finish a c# coding assignment over the mid year school break and we got this application done from a standing start pretty easily using visual studio express and winforms, etc. Pretty easy all in all.

Regards Richard

I wonder if Brahn could split this thread’s posts after “There’s a new blog entry” into a new thread “New 8/25/2020 ClarionSharp Blog Features - WTF a PROCEDURE &Reference?”

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Done, continue as you were over here!

we have been using it since dos2

if they can get the function pointers and data any screen running it will actually potentially play a much bigger part on the windows platform for us. CPP drive cross platform for us but if they can get this version working and we dont seem to understand how to use function pointer ref vars in classes yet, compiler burkes at us at present. Id say whatch this space carefully because its starting to look very powerful.