Softvelocity - News from CIDC 2017

First blog post from SV since May 2017!

#News from CIDC 2017
We are back from the 2017 Clarion International Developers Conference, held in Orlando Florida this year. I know it’s not possible for everyone in the community to attend the conference, so this post will cover topics that Diego and I presented.

Starting with Clarion 10 – we have a new build just about ready for release within a few days. It’s a significant build with over 150+ fixes/changes and new features. I’ll post a link to the readme as soon as it’s finalized. Some of the new features were requests for new functionality in the H5 stack. Diego presented H5 in-depth, and quite a few developers were convinced that H5 has a place in their future.

If you have any comments, please add them here and hopefully someone attending the webinar will send a link to SV for review/discussion!

Also, as an experiment we have created a dedicated Feature/Question Voting category. The idea is that you can create a topic with your feature request or question and others can vote on it!

It’s pretty close to the webinar though so maybe comments here will be easier. Or both!

Great to hear that so many internal changes have happened that will allow Clarion to develop and advance.

If the new Clarion REST server is 100% Template driven, why not just create it using NodeJS? You could create templates that would do that.

NodeJS is what the rest of the industry uses with React … they’re closely linked … and it might make Clarion more attractive to non-Clarion developers by using widely-adopted industry-standard solutions … and potentially bring brand-new developers into the SoftVelocity fold and expanding the userbase.

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Regarding future direction …

Are there any plans to include a web browser … so that we can take advantage, inside our Clarion Programs, of the many excellent Javscript libraries that are becoming available?

Are there any plans to make it simpler for us to use .Net DLLs within Clarion? A template that would do all the hard and complicated work for us?