Some changes to the marketplace recently

You may have noticed that I have made a couple of changes to the #marketplace category recently.
Thanks to @noyantis for so enthusiastically embracing the invitation to make a presence here on ClarionHub!
After the initial experiment and some deep thought I decided to restructure the offering and we scaled Noyantis back to one category using tags to highlight different components. This was then moved into the Market place parent category.
Perhaps in the future it will make more sense to have a Vendor category, we shall see.

I would also like to welcome Ingasoft Plus who have just opened up a dedicated category!

If anyone else would like a category here on ClarionHub please drop me a note and we can set it up. At the moment I am just letting this grow naturally to give it a few weeks to see if the format works.

Go see:

:noyantis: Noyantis - #marketplace:noyantis
:ingasoft_plus: Ingasoft Plus - #marketplace:ingasoftplus

Find out all about their products! :slight_smile:

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