Sorry - NT question. Moved to NTC. Send email from browse menu button


What is the best way to send an email via a browse dropdown menu.

regards Niels


Out Chilkat wrapper template + class has a Task class dedicated to all things email (sending and receiving, and supports IMAP, POP, SMTP - Microsoft 365, GMail, SendGrid etc).

A demo is available via our web site:-



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Capesoft Nettalk can also do that.
There is also the built in templates to send email, although I’ve never used them

been using the NetTalk stuff for many years now , and it just works .

Hi Ted

Totally agree. It works perfectly. But that is not the challenge. It’s about the new option in NTWS14 where you can have a menu in each row in a browse. Here you don’t have the option to call some Clarion code so that you can send an email. Bruce is looking into it in the near future.


Mr Bruce is a good man :rofl: