Special characters and accents

Hello, I have a query. I am using Super QBE from Boxsoft, with this and other templates when I use Spanish with accents or other characters they are not displayed correctly in Clarion 11. This happens to me when translating the TRN’s or directly in the templates. I’ve been looking at the help on internationalization but can’t get it to look right.imagen

Sorry my English.
When you save the translation, are you using UNICODE or UTF-8 ?
Nelson Carvalho

I’ve been testing and in the end I found that encoding the TRN file in ANSI works fine.
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Specifies the value of the system charset. If parameter is not set or it is set to WINDOWS, the system charset is equivalent to CHARSET:ANSI. Setting this in the .ENV file is equavalent to setting the property SYSTEM{PROP:CharSet}.

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