Special Offer for Opensource developers or on Black Friday to buy Clarion11 EE

I have always used Clarion for personal hobby projects and opensource related projects.
This makes Clarion expensive for me as I do not earn any money with it on the programs I develop.
For the past 15 years I just got stuck on Clarion 6.1 EE 5 ( I only started using it again recently after not done anything with it for 10 years)
I am very enthousiastic about what I read about Clarion 11 EE. Especially that support for SQLite is very interesting my projects.
Does anyone knows if Softvelocity is able to provide a Enterprise edition for opensource developers or if they would provide a hugh reduction on for example Black Friday ( which is in a month from now)?

Peter Vandenberghe

I don’t think so. SV promised to release Comunity Edition but already one year passed… and nothing

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Any chance to move to Clarion PE?

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Sometimes people retire and sell all of their licenses at a discount.

Call sales and ask them for your Upgrade Price. Offer to test drive the Community Edition

From what I find on here: http://softvelocity.com/C10.html
Yes, I think Professsional Editor should be enough for my needs.

Anyone already has experience with the Community edition?
I know a long time ago, I used the personal developer edition, but that had too many restrictions.

Community Edition not yet officially available.
Best guess is that It may or may not ever be released.
You might want to get a C11 PE price first.

SV promised
yeah, right