SQL Connect Not Working C11.13505

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Hi Everyone,

Is there something wrong with the MSSQL driver in build 13505? I have an app that has multiple exes. All but one exe uses FM3 to connect to the MSSQL backend.

All exes are working correctly in build 13372.

As soon as I upgrade to build 13505 the exe that doesn’t use FM3 to connect to the MSSQL backend stops connecting. The connection window just hangs and I have to use Task Manager to kill the exe. All FM3 exes connect successfully.

I’ve tested creating a new app with the exact same code and in build 13505 and it works correctly. What could be going wrong in the existing app? The code being used is pretty much the same as the FM3 code so I’m not sure why this problem is occurring.

Any ideas?

Also can someone post this in the C11 newsgroup for me? For some reason I can’t post to any newsgroups anymore.


Not having connection problems, but 13505 definitely brought problems with PostgreSQL tables having an array. The version did include changes to the ODBC driver.

I am having the same issue Trent, don’t have time to investigate, so just rolled back to 13372

Hopefully they can fix it in the next build. I’ll add a bug to the problem tracker.