Sql Sentry Plan Explorer - now completely free!

Highly recommended tool for anyone working with SQL Server. Previously there was a free version and a paid for pro version. Even then the free version was well worth installing. Quoting from the release blog:

I would like to introduce to you the new unified Plan Explorer v3! This edition includes all features of Plan Explorer PRO, plus two new and incredibly powerful features: Index Analysis and Performance Profiling.

These new features were originally going to be part of yet a 3rd edition called Plan Explorer ULTIMATE, and at an even higher price point. However, we ultimately came to our senses and realized that this would be counter to the mission, and that the only way ahead was to make all features of Plan Explore

Check it out and report back here if you find it useful!!


Thanks Brahn! Will give this a look-see.

No probe, though I also forgot to credit thanks to @Dennis for pointing it out on Skype the other day as well!