SQL Views and Table Updates - Problems w/ UpdateViewRecord

For me and I am sure for many others - using a SQL view for a Browse is often preferable to attempting to replicate that view with a Clarion view. However, if table updates are to occur in a Form from that Browse, there are several issues involved in preparing the table record buffer for update rather than a buffer for the view.

If anyone has worked out these details to an exact science, I would be very interested to learn more or perhaps collaborate on some easy to use class extensions. My guess at this point is that a replacement of the UpdateViewRecord is necessary.

Any thoughts?


the simplest way is to browse on the actual table and link the View to it, it works without any issue

In these cases you don’t use the built in update buttons control template, you need to call the table update independently via a button setting the appropriate setting for update/insert/delete

There is quite a bit of work that the shipping classes & templates do to prepare for a table update. So while embed code may indeed fetch the relevant table record underlying a view record prior to calling the Parent.Ask method with appropriate action, steps such as setting automatic optimistic concurrency & re-getting a view record based on Request/Response after Parent.Ask are also critical.

Because my browse procedures seem to be using server views more & more, I am hoping most of this embed code can instead be done in a few added class methods.