SQLite Driver (C11)

Hello -

What’s the correct syntax to assign OWER(Password) when using SQLite driver in Clarion? SV shipping sqlite example school - has this

GLO:SQLiteTableName  = 'school.sqlite'

Will it be:

GLO:SQLiteTableName  = 'school.sqlite; Password=myPassword'


Looks like it:

Apparently, that’s not working. It ends up creating actual file with that name:

Encryption is not supported on the SQLite driver.

Hi, I did not try it, but assuming you have the correct extensions, I imagine you could open a non password protected database and ATTACH the protected one with an early PROP:SQL.


ATTACH DATABASE 'file2.db' AS two KEY 'xyzzy';

Thank you.

I was just trying to password protect the db. to prevented opening by another app, not trying to encrypt data. It seems that password only works if Encryption Extension is purchased.