SQLite Studio for SQLite3

Anyone have experience using SQLite Studio for SQLite3 (https://sqlitestudio.pl/) to create a file with multiple tables used in Clarion 11?

I have not.
I use SQLite data browser when I need to work with SQLite. https://sqlitebrowser.org/
Not that I’ve done much. I’m no expert!

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Any particular reason you are using that to do the table creation? I use my Clarion apps to create SQLite tables and it works fine with either SQL syntax via PROP:SQL or CREATE().
The editor I ended up using is DB Browser for SQLite, like Rick posted. It’s pretty decent.

Maybe try HeidiSQL (www.heidisql.com/)…

Thank you for your quick response. I am just learning about SQLite how it may or may not have advantages over other database options needed for compact and light weight applications.

What are you using to change or update tables with existing data?

I guess it depends on the complexity of your needs and whether your app is single or multi user. Not sure you’d be real happy with SQLite if it’s a multi user.

My single user handcoded app does not have a whole lot of tables. ALTER TABLE has worked fine for me when adding new columns. Some devs use FileManager3 by Capesoft for managing that stuff.

How do you plan to handle file/table changes and keys?

Inside SQLite (ALTER TABLE)?

Inside the dictionary?

Utility (like CS FM3)?