Start with a good looking menu

This scalable menu shows html files in your start screen with css. (70.4 KB)
It’s a Clarion 6 project but works on higher versions.
The ZEN button gives you an idea how powerful CSS is.


Thanks Dirk!

For those looking on, I compiled the prj included in Dirks zip and this is what you see:

Full view:


Clients MDI Button:

Very slick example! Thanks for sharing it

How can menu items be accessed, if opened child windows overlap frame area?

Hi Mike,

Don’t know what you mean with child windows overlapping. The child windows are inside the app frame. If you need to start a mdi window a second time you have to mimic the menu-items from the html into the appframe menu. The nomerge (in clarion >6) will “help” you to close all mdi’s before starting a new one which imho is a good habit. I attached the prog en sln files for compiling the clw in windows 10. (1.2 KB)