Steps of web app

I’m trying to create an web app on my clarion 10 enterprise edition. Does anyone can help the steps? I’m trying to find out on the manual docs but can’t find it.



Maybe can help

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Hi Joe,

You’re not alone not finding the docs -there basically aren’t any. and no examples. The best you get are some You Tube videos, some of which are unfortunately out of date.

If you want to persist with H5 I recommend asking on the softvelocity newsgroups. There’s a small core of users there who have figured it all out and seem willing to help.

Personally (and I’m clearly biased here) I’d recommend doing what everyone else does for Clarion web apps - use NetTalk. It’s supported, documented, examples, webinars, is mature, stable, secure, and scales thousands of times better than H5.

H5 has a place (“take an existing ABC app quickly to the web, with no effort, and a minimal learning curve”) but has to make compromises (primarily scalability) to achieve that.

Like I say, I’m biased, take my advice with a pinch of salt.



I’ve show the video but there’re some errors while compile, like cannot open or find file Allfiles.lib and report.lib any idea?