Stock - inventory system

Hi does anyone have a stock / inventory system in clarion they cam offer the source in please ?


Isn’t there one in the examples?

Stock/Inventory systems are so varied, its like asking for a single color to paint a landscape or portrait image with. :grinning:

Yeah I suppose it is. I would say the demo one is to basic. Just putting feelers out there if the is anyone in the Clarion world has anything. I would look at all options. The only thing I can see so far is the example…

Well I can tell you that one of the inventory systems that used an Oracle db that I’ve worked on, and I think Oracle wrote this, but dont quote me, looked nothing more than a multi-tenant system which had been through the clarion wizards! There was a lot of window hopping to put it mildly, but it did all the accounting & inventory for a multi-tenant site.

I’ve got some SAP stuff on my system here which would interface with SAP, but its almost like the windows api’s, there’s lots of it, fairly easy to use from what I’ve looked at but lots of it and I think thats where the time goes interfacing with SAP.

I dont have anything for sale though.