Storage error / heap overflow in Clarion 6.3



I’m working with Clarion 6.3 ABC Templates.

After changing a field in my dictionary (passed from string(35) to string(50)), I have an error in object when compiling any application.

To solve the problem, I would like to understand what kind of information is stored in the storage.

Could you help me ?

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Since you didn’t state what the error was, you don’t give many clues.

Sometimes the magic thing is to close Clarion, then rename the bin\c60??.dat file.

If you have any addon drivers, such as IMDD, then you need to re-register them in the driver registry.

I used to keep a “good” copy of that file as a backup then copied it over, as needed. That way the re-registering is un-necessary.



Good idea, this rename.

It seems to work.

I will recompile my projetct and see what happens.

I will keep you informed of the issue.

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It works fine.

I have everything recompiled and tested all my projects and everything is good

Have a nice week-end.