Strange issue C10 app running in Citrix system

we have a C10 app running on a Citrix system and we have detected a strange issue.
When the user resize the window using the mouse as usual the cursor becomes crazy and the browse slows down for some seconds. Here is a video showing this issue:
This is a multi dll app in C10. It was in C6.3 before and it was converted to C10 some months ago. Everything it is working fine except for this issue that only happen in Citrix by the way. Does not happen in a normal environment.

The same browse, from the same program, running in Citrix too but in C6.3 it is working fine as you can also see here:

I know it is a very strange issue but maybe someone has run into the same and maybe help me.



I’m already using my C10 app with Citrix (Xenserver 7.3) without any problem.

  • Did you tried to disable some Windows animation?
  • Also try to use Window{PROP:Buffer}=True on OpenWindow trigger

Kind Regards,

Thanks Serhat for your answer, I will try your suggestions. Maybe that will help.