SV PDFGenerator (error) after update c11 13788

After updating to c11 13788 only in some applications I have a problem with SV PDFGenerator. In abprpdf.clw
The PDFGeneratorClass.EscapeValues procedure has a problem. Report error Invalid Number. A screenshot is attached.
I solved the problem by removing that piece of code from abprpdf.clw, but I don’t know how it affects the rest.

   CharToReplace[18]= CHR(191);ReplacedBy[18]= ')<E6>(';LenReplacedBy[18]= 6
   CharToReplace[19]= CHR(208);ReplacedBy[19]= ')<8A>(';LenReplacedBy[19]= 6
   CharToReplace[20]= CHR(222);ReplacedBy[20]= ')<8E>(';LenReplacedBy[20]= 6
   CharToReplace[21]= CHR(254);ReplacedBy[21]= ')<9E>(';LenReplacedBy[21]= 6

Does anyone know if there is a newer version of SV PDFgenerator?

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simply double up the < to be <<


I have had the identical issue. The double << seems simple enough, but can anyone explain why the error is flagged ONLY on the last three character replacement lines?

(…I’m just curious.)

Presumably because in those last 3 lines the contents of the angle brackets start with a numeric character.
The other line begin with alphabetic characters and don’t confuse the changed compiler in the same way.


Hi I have hit the same problem and also another. The IDE setting for a background colour on an image is now adding COLOR() as an attribute to the Image control, which is not a viable attribute for IMAGE(). With two problems already, I probably will rollback to the previous Clarion version until these are resolved.

While the earlier compiler ignored that attribute, as far as I can tell it doesn’t actually do anything.
So I agree there’s a bug in there somewhere. Do you actually see the background color at any point?

I just looked at the program and no background colour shows in the compiled product. In the Quality Assurance report, I notice we only asked ‘Does Icon show?’, which passed because it did not mention background colour. I put a background colour on because it was an transparent icon, an important patient safety warning, and I wanted it to stand out. It does show in the Window Formatter though and does make the icon more prominent there.