SV Reports Save as PDF - Get User specified File Name?

Hello -

I’m using SV C11 standard report template and using the functionality to save report(s) to PDF. When saving the report to PDF, output name is selected at Runtime by the User.

I need to save the PDF output name selected by the user when the PDF generation is completed. PDFReportGenerator.IReportGenerator.AskProperties method is storing Filename, but I’m unable to retrieve this value. When I call this method: PDFReporter.Output.GetFileName(), it’s always blank.

Any suggestion how can I get PDF filename that was selected by the user at runtime?


So in abprpdf.clw the method PDFReportGenerator.IReportGenerator.AskProperties is using a local variable to store the filename Loc:Filename.

If you follow the code past the filedialog it passes the loc:filename to another method called
If you search for

you’ll find the method

PDFGeneratorClass.SetFileName              PROCEDURE(STRING pFileName)

so now you need to search for

This should lead you to abprtarg.clw which is Output in

    Output               &PDFTargetGenerator

In the clw

TargetGenerator.SetOriginalFileName  PROCEDURE (STRING TargetFileName)
  SELF.OriginalTargetFileName = TargetFileName
  SELF.SetFileName (TargetFileName)

So loading up which contains a list of the methods and properties (variables) I can see the property

OriginalTargetFileName CSTRING(FILE:MaxFileName),PROTECTED

Its protected so its basically ReadOnly to you but not the classes, but I also see in the inc file

TargetFileName       CSTRING(FILE:MaxFileName),PROTECTED
SourceFileName       CSTRING(FILE:MaxFileName),PROTECTED

You can see what these properties contain by watching them in the debugger and see if they contain the expected values.

Thanks Richard. I see the value is present when stepping through debugger but I’m probably using wrong embed to get the value.

Any suggestion what would be correct embed to get this value?

I wouldnt know off the top of my head, I havent touched the reporting side of things in years and I dont have any of my old apps because my systems kept being hacked so I’ve ditched loads of backups and computers in a bid to get rid of the hacking on my computers. They even managed to set a bios pwd on of my machines. There is a lot of big organised crime around!

However you might have to add your own embed and I wouldnt shy away from that if you have to. :wink:

I know I did it in the past as I’m sure the hackers who hacked my system know I did, but I wouldnt like to guess at this time. :grinning:

If the user is going to inform the name of the PDF file, put the LOC:FileName field on the screen for him to type the name of the PDF file.
LOC:FileName must be informed in “File Name” in the General tab of the Report to PDF properties.
LOC:FileName can only contain the filename “file.pdf”
or the path + the filename “C:\App\Arquivo.pdf”.


I just updated C:\Clarion11.1\LibSrc\win\abprI2pdf.clw / line 247 like that

 IF NOT CLIP(SELF.Output.GetFileName()) OR Force THEN
    LOC:FileName = CLIP(SELF.Output.GetFileName()) !LOC:FileName = ''

now, if developer gives any name, that filename automatically showing to user. You can also do that changes in PNG, TXT, HTML, XML templates.