SV Update Version News

Received updated AnyScreen version.
Any rumors behind the news for C11?

i assume an update for clarion 11 is in the works?

At least it is a start for some rumors. Can we remove the “I assume”?

Sources say presumably

Perhaps even masked sources.

progress was slow before the D man left… what now? twice as slow? still to knock something up in clarion is faster than C sharp and now with anyscreen we may finally have a very economical solution.

i mean its a joke really…

I heard negotiations were afoot between a certain 3rd party developer and SV, but may have stalled because RZ is like a dog with a bone. RIP.

What is your AnyScreen version? I didn’t receive any update, still on

Update is v1.01. Suggest calling SV to follow-up if you didn’t receive it. They needed a reminder to send when I originally ordered too.

C11 v13505 was a pre-pandemic release (13 Feb).
Not usable for me with PostgreSQL.

Unless the SV yacht was completely lost on its way to DevCon Capetown, one might expect that SV has done a bit of C11 work since then. Might there be any evidence?

Any words on a working AnyScreen release? I still see several issues in v1.01.