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Hi everyone, I’m about to begin to “try” to work with a little team of developers, have anyone some experience with it? Can share some tips regarding how to use app’s and dct’s with git? almost all my Clarion experience is working alone… or with some people sharing app’s, nothing more…

Thanks a lot in advance!

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We are using MS TFS for sharing our apps / dcts. We have the same file/folder structure on each developers PC.
So usually you need to “Check out for edit” APP, CWPROJ and EXE files for the application you need to work on. After work done you need to Close Clarion IDE and “Check-in” files above putting some comments (so after you and your team will see History notes regarding each version/release).

The same for DCT: normally it is not checked out by anyone. But if someone needs to work with the DCT he should “Check out for edit” it. And then after work is done - “Check-in”.

Of course, you/other devs needs to synch current files/folders using TFS command (like “Get latest versions”).

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We’ve been using GIT for quite some time. To really be useful though, you either need to export to text each app as a TXA or use Rick Martins clarion addin. Apps are binary, so there usefulness in a repo is limited. Using the addin adds a menu item to the toolbar to export each module separately as a text file. This way each module can be worked on by separate developers and the results merged back together. Likewise, as text files you can see the changes that have been made along the way.

Dictionaries are more problematic. Since there is no checkout in git, we basically chat between us when a dictionary change needs to be made.

You can find the addin at Clarion Shop. There have been some Clarion Live presentations on it’s use and Rick has been a great resource to get you up and running.

Good Luck! Let us know how it goes.

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Thanks a lot guys!! I appreciate a lot the resources that you gave me, I 'll figure out and in a nearly time will share with you my results…

Thanks again!!


We use a tool called TDC, mainly because we developed it :). You can see it at

Hi Mauricio -

I attempted to visit your site, but was presented with this:

The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL:

Connection to 2800:6c0:2::3e failed.

The system returned: (99) Cannot assign requested address

The remote host or network may be down. Please try the request again.

I’ve checked and it’s working from here (Spain) and also from Australia. I’d like to know if you’re the only one. I’ve tried this:

It seems to be working now.

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You can setup the IDE Options to save some or all APPs in text format as APV and DCV files that are TXA and DCTX format. The Feb C11 release allowed this to be specified in the folder

“FEATURE: Adding a .dct.BinaryImport file into a directory will turn on automatic import/export for dct files. Similarly the existence
of a .app.BinaryImport file will turn on import/export of app files…”

Ah yes, but for many reasons we’re not at that version yet :frowning:


You can still do text APP’s (APV’s) in prior versions using Options, Clarion, Auto Export/Import. But all developers need to make the same settings to use APV’s else some are updating the APP and those changes would get lost.