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How do you get this “#PROMPT(‘Field Name:’,FIELD),%AField,REQ,UNIQUE,DEFAULT(‘’)” to allow you to select the Date and Time from SQL Designed date Group. - Field inside the Group

IOW - I designed a template to select the fields from the database but the fields used for SQL to make up date time is in a group and when you select it or press the button to select the CSRH:RequestedDate_DATE shows and you can select it and Compile but compiler complains because

FIELD SELECTED = CSRH:RequestedDate_DATE and output to source from the template


Please advise?

Hi Marius,
Can you post your generated table definition?
Here’s an example from one of my tables.

Job                  FILE,DRIVER('MSSQL'),OWNER(GBL:Owner),NAME('DBO.Job'),PRE(JOB),BINDABLE,THREAD !Job                 
Record                   RECORD,PRE()
BidDateTime                 STRING(8)                      !Bid Date and Time   
BidDateGrp                  GROUP,OVER(BidDateTime)        !Record Change Date/Time Group
BidDate                       DATE                         !Date of Record Change
BidTime                       TIME                         !Time of Record Change
                            END                            !                    

I reference the BidDate field in code using JOB:BidDate and it works fine.

Rick ,

Yes now I go i bit further;

Now I create a template that compares whether the entries were changed on JobBefore AND JobAfter.

Global Declarations in the procedure the template is used [5080]
JobBefore LIKE(JOB:Record),THREAD
JobAfter LIKE(JOB:Record),THREAD

The template adds code to .init in the procedure [5800]
JobBefore :Record :=: JOB:Record

JobAfter:Record :=: JOB:Record

also then in .kill [6800]
IF JobBefore.JOB:BidDate <> JobAfter.JOB:BidDate


It must be changed to include the group definition and also to call in the source.
It must be IF jobBefore.BidDateGrp.BidDate

Hope this makes more sense. Now I do not see how I can get the template to include the Group when you select the field from the pick button in the template or maybe I am doing something wrong with my declarations?

Looking at the dictionary symbols, I don’t know there is a way to do this.
A simple but not very elegant way is to use two prompts in your template. Put the field in the first like you are doing now and the optional put the qualifying group field in the other one. The in the template, if the qualifying group is populated build your comparison statement accordingly.
You can use %FieldID to get the name of your field without the prefix.
Something along these lines

IF  JobBefore.%AFieldModifier.%FieldID <> JobAfter.%AFieldModifier.%FieldID 
IF  JobBefore.%FieldID <> JobAfter.%FieldID