Template for generating column equates for ABC browse

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Instead of using hard-coded numeric constants for column numbers in code for manipulating your list control columns, it is better to use an equate for the column number.
Hard-coded column numbers can become incorrect when new columns are added or columns deleted or reordered in the list format.
I have uploaded a small example template that automatically generates equates for the columns in your list control. Using the use equates means your code won’t need to be updated when the order of your list control columns change.
So instead of coding something like this:

IF BRW1.ILC.GetControl(){Prop:Column} = 3
  !! do something

instead use

IF BRW1.ILC.GetControl(){Prop:Column} = BRW1:FieldNo:CUS:LastName
  !! do something

You can get the template code on GitHub: