Template Registry - File Size Increases w/ Use

Just finished re-registering all templates that I use. Over the past several years, I have noted that the TRF file grows in size with each use and I eventually begin to see more crashes of the IDE. For today, the file size went from 175K to 9.9K even though the exact same templates were registered. In the past, I have seen the file size as large as 484K. Anyone else take note of this situation or have an explanation?

Hi Doug

this has always been the case - it seems new space is allocated but old space is not re-used. It is worth renaming the trf file as a backup and starting over re-registering your templates once in a while.


Geoff R

PS. Seems you mentioned this before: How fast does your trf grow?

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Yes, mentioned before, but curious if others notice the same. I believe you are the first to acknowledge it too.

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The TRF file is a database built on parsing templates. When the AppGen loads TRF, it rolls that database out in the memory. If there is a changed template file, it is re-parsing instead of loading its parsed information from TRF, and the in-memory database is marking as modified. When in-memory database is not required anymore, and it’s not marked as modified, the AppGen just discards it. If it is modified, the in-memory database is writing to a new TRF file, the old TRF is removing. I do not see reasons why TRF can change its size unless some templates have been modified. I can’t say that I use the AppGen frequently, but nevertheless… My working TRF file has the timestamp January 5th, 2017. I not registered new templates since that time and not copied modified TPL/TPW to working set.

Try following steps:

  • Copy all TPL and TPW files to some directory
  • Use the AppGen and close the IDE
  • Binary compare TPL and TPW files in working set and copied before running IDE.
  • I guess, some changes must exist.