Template Registry Properties Button


when I select a procedure in the template registry, the properties button is always disabled.
Need to change the defaults. Tried to re-register templates, nothing worked
CW 11.1.13815

Hi Guenther, welcome to the group.

The properties button in the template registry is only enabled when you are on a #SYSTEM node in the registry tree and the template developer added prompts to the #SYSTEM area of the template.
Each template chain can have a #SYSTEM entry, but most do not.

Only if the prompts you are interested in have been coded to default from the #SYSTEM entries can you override their default values. There are very, very few of these.

Realistically, if you want to change the prompt defaults for a template, you will need to edit the template. If you keep the template files in source control and make sure to comment all of your customizations, it isn’t too bad to upgrade Clarion and migrate your customizations to new versions.

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