TextControl, ActiveX, PDF HELP!

I have a problem with a client’s app - On Update Form there is a Preview Tab that works on some PC’s but not on others. Nothing is shown on those PC’s. See attached.
The ServerName shown here is not available in the DropDown?
Could be related to whether ActiveX has been started on the PC and which version of Acrobat Reader is installed - seems older versions would let this work?
I require help here urgently. Thx

In your Adobe PDF viewer…

"Try going to “Edit/Preferences/Security (Enhanced) and set “Enable
protected mode at startup” to OFF.”

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Thx I did doesn’t help.

You may have already done this, but you may need to register the active X on each machine.

Hi There thx!
I inherited this project - the previous programmers went away and are not available at all.
The app runs perfectly(the preview works!) on pc’s of two users - and has for as long while - they then tried to let it run on a new PC - no ways. It also runs in my office there on the dev pc. But not at my home. So obviously there is soemthing missing on those PC’s!

After a long search and lots of guessing I installed TX Text Control ActiveX Server on my home PC then when I compile and run it now works perfectly - BUT it does not work if I run the exe outside of the IDE?

I see that the dev licenses are very expensive and the client must have that installed on the dev pc as they hav ebeen using this for a long time - and the other two pc’s must have run-time licenses? They have a crises there and need this app running on some more pc’s, so they all would require run-times?


We have Clarion wrapper for TX Text control
Check http://klarisoft.com/KSNews_idx21.htm
You need to pass license info in the create string


Also it seems that different TX versions are used. You have create option for TX 15 but nag screen says version 24. With TX Text different version have different ProgIds