The best Nettalk webpage?

Hi guys,

I’d like to see what can be done with Nettalk server at it’s best.

Can you suggest a website built with it that has modern and responsive (mobile devices optimized) UI etc?
It seems I could be getting more job requests for some web apps in near future, so I’d like to see what’s the best NT can do :slight_smile:

Many thanks for the help


Hi Bostjan,

I’m sure there’s are loads of good looking NetTalk websites out there, but what might be of interest to you is our latest wrapper template.

It adds support for the DevExtreme JavaScript UI components suite to a NetTalk server, including the DataGrids, the Forms, Charting and Calendar scheduler - all extremely powerful and fully responsive.

We gave a “sneak peek” of the wrapped during a recent Clarion Live webinar 720 :

More info on the DevExtreme library can be found here :

And details on our wrapper can be found here : DevExtreme Wrapper Template – noyantis

We’ve also done other webinar showing the beta work completed on the wrapper - make be search YouTube for “noyantis DevExtreme”



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I’d suggest that you can do anything with a nettalk that you can do with any other system.
It’s all just HTML and CSS.
So find a style you like and replicate it.

This is kinda like asking for “the best Clarion program”. In the sense that Clarion is a language, you can do anything you like with it. In the same way NetTalk is a framework - and so you “can do anything with it”.

Different sites are going to have different features, because, well, programming.

Another problem is that most sites are going to have most of the (good) functionality behind a user login. The nature of web-apps (as distinct from web sites) is that in most cases, the data-entry part is going to be behind a login.

If you want to learn, in a general way, “what nettalk can do” then the Book is a good resource.
That covers up to NetTalk 12, so it’s “most” of what you need to know.

C’mon guys, that’s an easy way out :laughing:

I’m sure you know of a website based on NT that looks awesome :wink: Bruce, you should definitely be aware of one, it would be a great “promo” page :slight_smile:

This is just about UI/UX, not about functionality work behind the scenes…

Oh, I own the NT book but I’m just looking for a “wow” page, nothing else for now :wink:

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Bill Shields posted some nice pics a while back.
Unfortunately, they’re behind Bruce’s forum login but worth a look if you have a login.

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Thanks, Jane.

I’m registered at since long time ago, but still waiting for “admin approval” - the login says :laughing:

I think you have to go to NetTalk Central - Index to register. I remember a similar problem.

No, I am registered, it says so, but admin still needs to approve me :slight_smile:

Email Bruce otherwise he may not see that your request is waiting.

Meanwhile, here’s a site that doesn’t look like standard NetTalk:


Jane, I’ve found Bill’s pics, truly remarkable. I really like it, is there anyone that does themes for NT?

I usually like to take care more of functionality than UI, so when able I take a shortcut and just buy themes (like to Wordpress).


thanks jane for share my site, all my sites are fully responsive to any screen but with simple nt theme it’s not possible.

You can browse the options at from any device and you will see how it responds

I am working with this site using bootstrap or, but it is not as simple as buying a WordPress template, I think that with the Devextreme Wrapper Template it should be easier yet, I do not have it and I do not know if this Available for sale.


I’d be intrigued to know which part of the “simple” themes are not responsive?

try to run any browse in nt 14.2 in mobile device, wizard form not responsive, in form field types the keyboard not responsive, Images type not responsive, I know that I have had problems with others but since I have modified my css I do not remember all of them.

And don’t misunderstand my criticism. NT is a brilliant product, the only thing you have to spend more time on is with the style sheets to be able to have sites with the new trends, in the past I touched on this topic and I suggested that NT adopt a framework like boostrap in order to get templates already created and you told me that it was not possible.

take a look Top 5 best CSS frameworks in 2023. - DEV Community

Hi Omar,

Thanks for the feedback.

Which Browse type is your app using? Table, Flex or Grid? I’m busy working on updating all the Apps stuff, which in turn is mostly based on the Grid table type.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to shoe-horn something like Bootstrap into NetTalk. Bootstrap is a combination of CSS and JavaScript. Unfortunately the CSS is inadequate for what we need in NetTalk, and the JavaScript is not rich enough.

Of course you can make, and share, a site written with bootstrap, using NetTalk, but that’s not using templates so somewhat “true, but useless”.

That said, I’m keen to make sure all the corners of NetTalk are responsive, so any feedback you have in this area is welcome.

the Themer (86) use grid, but in 14.02 in mobile device not responsive like a previous version.

Here are a couple of mine;

None of these two links open on my side…



They both open also in my mobile phone.

Maybe try with the www.

Nope. Just loading forever. Might be geo locked…