The system cannot find the path specified

Been scratching my head about this for a while now… Moving all Clarion development from laptop to a VM. Installed Clarion and all add-ons to the VM and copied custom app folders. During “Generate and Make Current Application” getting many errors similar to below:

Error(3): cif$fileopen .CLW The system cannot find the path specified. - C:\Users\Public[…]\generated\redacted.CLW:1

(Copied the error line, “:1” at the end does not show in the actual error, only in this paste).
The .CLW file are being created in the designated \generated folder. Double clicking on the error line opens the file contents. Permissions for the Public folder and subfolders have been temporarily altered to full access for Everyone. So why can’t the compile process find the files it created and are clearly there?

Are you able to open the file via redirection file? Maybe the redirection trace button on that window would help.

Thanks for the response.
Yes, I can open the file using File > Open File using Redirection File. The trace looks as expected.

Maybe procmon (Process Monitor) could help you find a clue what’s wrong?

If you’ve never used procmon, here are some tips.

  1. Set a filter, otherwise you will get too much information. I usually use the “Process Name is” type of filter. Just use your exe name “yourexe.exe”.
  2. after you do that, click on the “Filter” menu and enable “Drop filtered events”. Otherwise it will start bogging down with thousands of events.
  3. Ctrl+E will enable/disable event capture. You can also do this from the “File” menu.

I hope this helps.

I examined output from Process Monitor. An insane amount of logged data (1.5 million entries in less than 5 minutes of compile time), but applying filters often caused me to miss relevant interactions with other processes, so I mostly searched keywords to keep everything in context. The way the .RED file works with Clarion also made it difficult to see what I was looking for. Often there were a dozen FILE NOT FOUND errors for the same filename with the last entry SUCCESS. Also not sure why everything was listed as CREATEFILE when it was obviously simply looking for the file or trying to open an existing file.

Then there are resource files (example follows) that don’t exist which seems like a concern, but not relevant to the problem:

C:\Clarion10\bin\Addins\BackendBindings\ClarionBinding\ClarionWin\Resources\StringResources.en-US.resources [NAME NOT FOUND].

The referenced folder only has in it. I found other StringResources language files in C:\Clarion10\data\resources, but none for en-US.

There are attempts to create files where the Clarion variable references have not been replaced with their respective values and cycle through every folder specified in the RED file looking for that which cannot be found (or created) with the name specified:

Later that file is referenced and unable to be read (what a surprise!).

Anyway, whilst looking through Process Monitor, we kept looking for other possibilities as well and found references to a folder that did not exist. Once that folder was copied over, the problem was resolved. Still digging as to why that folders absence would throw what seems to be an unrelated error message about not finding .CLW files that the compile had just created and were right where they belonged. Probably will never know since the process throwing the [misdirecting unhelpful] error is internal to Clarion.

Hi Rufus - Sometimes those “FILE NOT FOUND” things in conjunction with the CreateFile API call can be a red herring. They’re not necessarily “errors”, but rather to see if the file exists in that particular spot.

But that stuff in your screenshot looks like the redirection system didn’t translate the clarion-related naming macros before searching for the actual on the disk.

If you can recreate the scenario, maybe it would be useful as a bug report to SV?