Tip: For a SKIP field to have an Alt+ &Key add KEY( AltK ) to the ENTRY

I often have Fields I don’t want in the tab order so are SKIP :

      PROMPT('&Filter Text:'),AT(365,6),USE(?FilterText:Prompt)
      ENTRY(@s30),AT(400,6),USE(FilterText),  KEY(AltF)  ,SKIP

Pressing the Prompt &F Alt+F will not give focus to the ENTRY FilterText, it will go to the next field that is not Skip.

The tip is to put the &F Alt Key on the ENTRY as KEY(AltF) and then Alt+F will give focus to the ENTRY. The Prompt should also have the &F so the user can see the F key underlined to know Alt+F works.

I usually forget to do this on Skip fields, hoping writing this reminds me. I like to put Alt+Keys on most fields and buttons for direct keyboard selection.