Tip: IDE Data Pad configure to show Data Types, Key Components, Properties and more

As seen on Clarion Live 11-01-2023 YouTube the IDE of @Andy had the default Data Pad configuration that shows just Labels. His Data Pad is in the capture below on the Left.

On the Right is my configuration that shows more information:

  • Tables/Files show (Prefix) and Driver e.g. TopSpeed
  • Keys show (Component Data Fields) and other Attributes like Primary and Unique
  • Columns/Fields show Data Type and Picture

This additional Data Pad information is helpful when writing embed code. E.g. Andy was working with the DUnits file Deal_Key that had component fields (LocationNo, DealNo, Item) but he could not see that in the Data Pad.

The settings to display this are under Tools menu, then the Options item.

You should only change the Options after Closing All Instances of Clarion IDE, then re-open one instance without an App open. After changing Options be sure to Close the IDE to Save them. Failure to do this often results in the changes not saving.

In the Options left panel tree expand the Clarion branch, then select Dictionary Editor.

Pick the Table Options tab and check the highlighted items so the Tables panel shows Driver, Prefix and Description. You can also set your Default Driver (e.g. TopSpeed) and how to Sort files in IDE which I use Alpha.



Below are my choices for Columns /Fields … which is everything.


You may find it odd to show PRE: on every Column. If you don’t you have to glance up at the File to see (PRE). Also the IDE does not show the PRE on the Primary file. So I find it most obvious to see it in the list of fields.

Any Description shows after the other items, which is good because it can be long. I uncheck assigning that to Message (MSG) and Tip because I use it for programmer info that I don’t want the end user to see.

Below are my choices for Keys:


I don’t show the Key Prefix since I have it right below on the Columns. That leaves more room to see the other info. I also don’t show Description but I do not recall why, I think I seldom fill it in because it is used by the wizards.