Too Many Files error with 480 GIF images linked C11


I converted a prj from c5.5 to c11. The prj has 480+ gif image files statically linked. Worked in c5.5. Fails with “too many files” error in c11. What is the correct method to statically link gobs of gif files in an exe?

PS. In win 10 w/o compatibility mode, it works ok. When win 10 compatibility mode is set to win xp the app locks up.

Hi Jared,

This is how I link in resources:
Using the solution explorer,
Under “Projects to include”,
I add a file named Resources.Pr
and within it I have lines like

#pragma link("SmBallWh.gif")

I have no idea if that will solve you’re “too many files” error, but it’s worth a try.

Thanks. Same error message “too many files.”

Looks like this error has been reported several times before.

I remember a Lee White post somewhere, where he created some dummy window() structures that contained dummy controls that use the images as icons.

Whether that willl allow you to get more stuff linked in than what you’re currently trying is another thing.

I searched a little bit and did not find it. Got any other keywords I can try?

As a test I moved all the gif files from main prj into a new dll prj.

compiles ok.

However it gpfs when called.

Here is the calling code. setImage is the new dll method that is failing:

        setImage(SELF.imageQR.imageEqu, '~' & tempcString) ! <== poof with access error
        ! too many files fix attempt 023 (SELF.imageQR.imageEqu) {prop:text} = '~' & tempcString

Here is the dll code


setImage(short equ, string filename),name(‘setImageFromDll’)


setImage procedure (short equ, string filename)
Window WINDOW(‘Please Waitimage’),AT(,145,21),FONT(‘MS Sans Serif’,8,FONT:regular),CENTER,TIMER(10),GRAY
STRING(‘Press ALT ESC to display active window’),AT(7,2,135,10),USE(?String1),hide
(equ){PROP:Text} = clip(filename)

Here’s the thread to look for:

From: “Alexander” <>
Newsgroups: sv.clarion.clarion9
Subject: too many files ERROR
Date: 29 Apr 2014 00:24:57 -0400

Lee’s suggestion and an example .clw are in a reply.

Jeff, can you please show the content of the NNTP posting,
for those of us, who don’t have NNTP clients installed.

Btw, instead of attaching a .zip it’s even better to give a link to a

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Seems easier for you to get an NNTP client.

Is there one for my phone?
FYI I wrote (and edited this) from my phone

I spun up an old copy of thunderbird and used sv.clarion.clarion9 as the group name. I can not see any messages. What should I try next?

I sent an email to support to ask for the content of the link. Will post back details if/when I get them.

Here’s the zip file. You’d need to assign your own images to the image controls so they get linked in. (2.0 KB)

Hi Mark - I don’t know. I use Windows for development. Maybe you could use a windows box for that? Seems like a good resource to have.

Thanks for the file. I should replace





Is that it?

Hi Jared -


Might be simplest to write a quicky app to generate the image declarations.

ASSUMING that this helps at all.

BTW, Mark - I still have messages from CI$. :slight_smile:

Here’s the oldest message that I have in my DB from you:

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MsgNo: 202025 Reply to MsgNo: 201909 Date: 8-11-1995
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Subject: Error in compiling 3.1
From: Goldberg,Mark 75250, 2551
To: Calvin, 73127, 2010

Hi Calvin,

Check out your Redirection file (*.RED)


                        End Of Quote                        

Thanks for your time.

I just put 3 or 4 gifs in as a test. They don’t appear to be working when they are referenced in the main prj

(imagequate){prop:text} = ‘~myimagefilenameapple.gif’

results in an empty image box.

Does the text of the message contain any interesting bits?

Yes on scripting the image lines. excel formula programming…

Hi Jared -

This is all there was. I will send this message to Lee. Maybe he has more stuff to add:

Try creating a couple of “Source” procedures. Add a window to each and
stuff a bunch of the icons in image controls on each window. It does
NOT have to be pretty or organized since it’s only there as a resource
holder. Put each procedure in separate CLW’s and remove the ico files
from the project.

Now give it a try.


I hope all my old messages go away. I’m pretty sure I was a jerk in a high percentage of clarion posts from the 90s.