Tools->Options->Text Editor-> Markers & Rulers->Show Tabs not saving in ClarionProperties.xml


So trying to toggle the Show Tabs check box found in Tools, Options, Text Editor, Markers & Rulers and its not updating the ClarionProperties.xml, but other settings are updated.

Seen this discussion ( Where Are Options Stored? - ide - ClarionHub) on the ClarionProperties.xml but the only way I can get Show Tabs to save its value is to edit the ClarionProperties.xml manually.

Now there is something peculiar going on when I select one of the options (IDE,Coding,Text Editor,Tools,Clarion,Designers) in the left hand pane, in that if I select Text Editor, the pane is selecting Designers.
So every time I load the Options window from the menu, if I select Coding it hilights Coding and expands it, if I select Tools it hilights and expands Tools, if I select Clarion it highlights and expands Clarion, if I select Designers it selects Designers, it just doesnt hilight and expand Text Editor, which is also really inconsistent behaviour!

I’ve read this thread Where Are Options Stored? - ide - ClarionHub and it seems the Options window & ClarionProperties.xml is a bit hit and miss.

So has anyone done an addon/addin to manually edit this xml file independently?
Is there some other way of getting settings to save in this xml when the window in the IDE isnt?