Tooltips Flash on Win 11

Using Clarion EE compiled programs running on Windows 11 Pro (Ver 21H2 build 22000.466) tooltips on entry and text controls tooltips are flashing. Buttons are fine and show stable tips that go off after the standard time.

Has anyone else seen this or know about it?

Thanks in advance.

I have always seen the flashing you describe on my Microsoft Surface under Windows 10, does not happen on my desktop PC.

I wonder if Randy’s tip add-on flashes in those circumstances as well.

Interesting that Carl has seen it on specific machines. My users are all on Windows 10 and they have stable tips. I will have to check for it on my Win 11 laptop.

I tested a tooltip on a Win 11 laptop and worked as expected. Please comment if you find out what is causing that, in case needed after…

Hi again,
firstly sorry it has taken so long to get back on a laptop test. I loaded the same program on a Win 11 laptop from the same manufacturer, but on the laptop the tooltips did not flash. It does seem to be peculiar to that desktop/operating system in my case. I will check again after I run the next Windows update on the desktop.