Touch Screen Project

Good morning to everyone.
I have a project that requires running on a 27 inch touch screen in portrait.
The application will accept orders and send them through web services to an ERP.
For this implementation I have all the tools for sending the orders.
But I do not know how the following can be done:

  1. Large icons in the Main Frame of the application.
  2. Some extra tools for implementing touch procedures.
  3. Any settings for running in 27 inch Portrait monitor.
    Thanks in advance
    Michael Diamantidis
    Vision Computer Applications

For large icons I would open a new procedure/window directly from frame and use images as large icons (and implement “activeimage” function).
Touch should work nicely in win10, I have a “touch” app on a windows tablet, works just nice. I did however add manually a procedure for entering numbers (I’ve created my own numeric keypad on-screen) so that the original windows keyboard does not pop-up.

Other than that you should be ok.

Thank you for your help!

I guess it depends on what you want the touch to do. If you require multi-touch, you’d probably have to do extra stuff to support it.

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I have the below example on GitHub replacing List Icons with a WingDing and Style. Since the WingDing is a Font it scales smoothly to any size so you can have large check boxes for touch.

Example of large Style Check on the left versus bitmap Icon on the right:


The main reason I wanted “Style Icons” was to not have .ICO files needed by a Class Window List. There are a good number of characters that work for check boxes:



I wonder what could be done about WingDings if running on a client that does not have WingDings (e.g., running on Android through Anyscreen)

Thank you Carl for your Help. It’s an idea that maybe works on me because the client is a windows 10 machine.

No problem, use class to load fonts dynamically, I do that in few apps so I am not dependant on client win config