TPS FIX - could someone rebuild the keys on a file for me?

hi, we have a tps error 1477 on a file. the pc we used to use to fix this isnt working, could anyone fix the file for me and send it back to me please?

Yep I could, Or I could send you tpsfix

Hi, thanks for the reply. I actually found TPS fix but it won’t fix the file for me. It is coming up with errors each time. I think it’s beyond fixing unless you know otherwise.

Many Thanks


Do you have an empty version of the file to use as an example file? This can help tpsfix work better.

You might want to have a look at the file with a hex editor.

It will be pretty obvious if something is totally corrupted.

Oh dear. Not sure i would know what to do there.

Many Thanks


If you rename the file and start the app it may create a new empty file. You can rename that .TPE and supply it as an Example file to TPSFIX.

You could also use that New File to check if the file requires a password by trying to run it through TPSFIX and see if works without a password.

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