Tracker:PDF-Viewer ActiveX has been withdrawn from sale

[A re-post from the Clarion Third Party NG]

Hi all!

Tracker Software Products Ltd. is undergoing some alterations in its structure and focus. As a result, the following are now in effect:

  1. PDF-Tools and PDF-Viewer (both ActiveX and Simple DLL) have been withdrawn from sales.

  2. Core API replaces PDF-Tools.

  3. As there is yet no Clarion interface to the Core API, as a special arrangement, Clarion developers purchasing the Core API may request a license code for the currently existing PDF-Tools, at no additional charge. An effort will be made to provide a Clarion interface to the Core API (class and template files) that mimics the current PDF-Tools functionality.

  4. The courtesy license for the PDF-Viewer ActiveX and Simple DLL has been withdrawn. No further licenses of this kind will be issued. If you purchased a copy of PDF-Tools on or before September 10, 2015, you may request a PDF-Viewer license code by filling out the license form and sending it to [email protected]

  5. There will be no PDF-Editor 2500 CDLP courtesy license for Core API.

  6. I will be still available for questions concerning the Clarion versions of Tracker software Products’ tools for the foreseeable future.

Craig E. Ransom
[email protected]
Tracker Software Products, Ltd.