Trouble with same exe as 2nd service

I’m Trying to run a NTWS on different ports. I can set the service names etc via config. I copy each to seperate directories. I can run as an application 2 copies fine.
But I can’t get this to work when they’re a service.
I can get the 2 services installed, but only the fir one started runs

Using MSSQL, AD , Windows Authentication

Any pointers?

What are you using to run as a service, SelfService from capesoft?

Sorry yes. Using Self service

I think there is a setting to use a global mutex or something, that might cause such a symptom?

Hi Sean,

Two things you need to check…
1 - make sure that the Service App has the SelfService checkbox ‘Only allow One instance to Run at Runtime’ unticked.

2 - make sure both controller app and service app know who they are ie pass the unique servicename from controller to service (I use an INI file)
You can run multiple instances of the service EXE but it must be installed under a unique ServiceName each time.
If the service doesn’t know that unique name then you’ll only get one of the services to start (which is what you’re seeing)


Thanks Graham,
Turns out I’d never noticed the ‘Only allow One instance to Run at Runtime’ checkbox before :slight_smile:
Bit bleeding obvious once it’s pointed out!