Trying to get the usual 4 windows displayed in the debugger - redirection file issue?

So when I run the c11 debugger I’m not getting the usual 4 windows showing, I only see the trace window. How do I get the 4 windows to appear?

In the D32 logs, I can see the redirection is loaded in C6, but not C11. The CLARION110.RED file is present and correct in C:\Clarion11\bin but I cant find any file to control the command line for the debug button in the ide menu.

Had a quick look through the sharpdevelop menu references but cant find any leads, cant find anything in the C11 configuration directory (C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\SoftVelocity\Clarion\11.0)

I have established from reading various posts on the debugger from this website’s search facility, that cladb.exe is the elevate to administrator UAC level and the cladbne.exe is the non elevated to administrator UAC level.

So second question, which might shed light on my first question, how do you call the cladbne.exe from the IDE?

At the moment, I’ve been using the windows toolkit component Compatibility Administrator to create a new Compatibility Fix for the cladb.exe to run as “RunAsInvoker” to stop the UAC elevation, but having discovered the cladbne.exe is the non elevated version, I’d like to give that go instead.

Any ideas & TIA.

Richard Rose

C6 D32.log

Heap handle: 003A0000
start process C:\Clarion6\Examples\PEOPLE\people.exe
Command line :> C60dbx C:\CLARION6\BIN\C60EE.RED “C:\CLARION6\BIN\C60EE.ini” “C:\Clarion6\Examples\PEOPLE\people.exe”
Command line :> “C:\Clarion6\Examples\PEOPLE\people.exe”
Redirection file :> C:\CLARION6\BIN\C60EE.RED
CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT ! No image name found

C11 D32.log

Heap handle: 07380000
start process C:\Users\me\Documents\Clarion11 Work\Library\Library.exe
Command line :> “C:\Clarion11\bin\Cladb.exe” -s Debug -c “C:\Users\me\AppData\Roaming\SoftVelocity\Clarion\11.0” “C:\Users\me\Documents\Clarion11 Work\Library\Library.exe”
Command line :> “C:\Users\me\Documents\Clarion11 Work\Library\Library.exe”
Redirection file :>
CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT ! No image name found

Link to explanation of the ACT I’ve mentioned above.
Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit - tweaking apps/manifests - de escalating UAC - ClarionHub

Good to see you around, Richard.

One question: Did you set your build configuration to Debug?

Build --> Set Configuration --> Debug

Its on debug already.

I’m hitting limits on C6, like final straw not being able to get the #rundll to work in c6, but templates and code/dll works fine in C11, so I’m having to bite that bullet with C11 and get used to the changes in the new IDE. Got code completion already switched off though!

So its Windows exploit protection thats stopping all four windows from loading in the debugger.

Basically I needed to add an exception for the program I was debugging (C:\Users\SomeoneElse\Documents\Clarion11 Work\Library\Library.exe”) to the program exploit protection list and switch off ASLR Force Relocation Images for my app Library.exe.

Exploit Protection export file:Settings.xml

<AppConfig Executable="C:\Users\NotMe\Documents\Clarion11 Work\Library\Library.exe">
    <ASLR ForceRelocateImages="false" RequireInfo="false" />

I did wonder this, but didnt want to go through all the settings toggling them, but I’ve had to!

So it looks like I can programmatically add an app being debugged to this Windows Exploit Protection program exception list, so is there any demand for a template which updates the windows exploit protection list of programs with exceptions so that debugging can continue unabated?

This is subject to the group policy, Windows Defender Security Centre, App & Browser Protection, Prevent users from modifying settings being Not Configured and/or Disabled, which might be the case in corporate environments.

Other than that, problem solved.

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