TURBOSQL multidll - Error Unresolved External MSSQL


I am trying to use TURBOSQL in multidll environment . I created table as I use to do in standard exe :

PBLastD FILE,DRIVER(‘MSSQL’,’/TURBOSQL=True’),owner(GLO:ConnectString),Pre(PBLD)
Start1 cstring(33)


When I compile it , error is unresolved external MSSQL
I defined same table in allfiles.dll , same error.
I suppose there is a problem how to merge hand coded table as EXTERNAL dll

Any help?

When the app has a table declared from the dictionary, it knows it needs to add the appropriate file driver to the project.
But in a handcoded table declaration as often done with TurboSQL, you need to add the driver yourself, if it isn’t already there.

Driver added to project. It works now.
Thanks a lot