Two exe for one app

The question:

  1. Never do this
  2. not advisable
  3. yes, but have to do extra coding
  4. no problem

I think, no problem. Have you ever had a problem with multi-user application(s) working with the same database files?

No problems at all. Much easier in C7+ to do this as well.
I have one solution with 4 exe’s one dct most sharing the same Dll’s as well. All get compiled at once using the app pad.

This means four app files though yeah?

Yes 1 app per exe / dll
They all appear in the app pad and solution pad
most of the exe’s are just menu’s that run dll stuff.
So I have one main exe and a very very limited on for sales people for instance.

I have several (4) programs working from a common dictionary and it all works fine but one warning. Don’t forget that changes to any of the common data structure in the dictionary will require re-compiling all the programs else users will have the ‘invalid data structure’ message then ‘halt’.

For any upgrade of one of the programs I supply a full set with increased version numbers on all, even those with no real code changes, to mark the dictionary upgrade.

Regards, Jim

Hi Piet,

No problems here: one dct (500+ files) and nearly 40 monolithic apps/exes (clarion 6.3).