Txa import does not bring .clw **description**

Good afternoon everybody!
I’ll try to explain my question:
I import into my app, a txa that contains a .clw name
laboratorio.clw, inside it there is a report that, for each client has different characteristics.
So for each client I have a laboratorio.clw, it’s the only thing that changes in my system, from one client to the next.
In Clarion 9, when I import the clw, it comes with its description and the report… in Clarion 11 the description is no longer imported.
This caused me a problem because as I had not seen that the description was not imported, I saved the txa of one client in the other.
The only way to solve it was to delete the module to import another txa.
The question is do I need to configure something to resolve or
I do what I started to do, I delete the last module that I worked on to import the other one that I will work on, then the description comes normally.
This description helps me identify which client I am working with.

Ps.: I’ll ask one more question… in Clarion 9, after compiling, if the .exe is open, the compiler warns that it will close to open the new compilation.
In Clarion 11 it gives an error which I think was the same as in Clarion 6.2.
Do you have to configure something in Clarion 11 for it to return the message that it will close the .exe?
Clarion 9

*Clarion 11

For the “one more” question, change the settings in the Options menu (you may need to scroll down to see them).

Thanks Jane!!
Good weekend!