TYPE unresolved for export

I have added a QUEUE TYPE to my data DLL as part of the Global Data. When I compile it, I get an error saying that it in “unresolved for export”. When I move it to an include file, it compiles fine. Why the difference? Am I forgetting to set some checkbox or something?

This is Clarion 10, BTW…

A TYPE is not data. It’s a definition.
You can export a global Queue that is of that TYPE, but not the TYPE itself.
I’d stick with the .Inc file.

It’s an oversight in the templates that build the EXP file. I posted PTSS #42763 with the necessary changes to ABBLDEXP.TPW and BUILDEXP.TPW that prevent this problem. Hopefully they will be updated in the future.

This PTSS refers to using globals defined in a DCT but also holds true for global TYPEs defined in global data for a data DLL.


Update: forgot to mention this is fixed in C11 as of 13372.

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