UK Based Clarion Programmers List


Ok, so I did a thing which I think is pretty cool…

I have added a “Custom Field” to everyones Preferences/Profile:

Then, scroll down the profile a bit till you see the new field:

The deal is, if you put something in that entry field and save your changes you will be automagically granted the “Available for Work/Hire” badge and your name will be included in the list on the badges page: (<-- that is a shortcut which redirect to

What do you think?
If you no longer want to be listed, just clear the field. Note that it may take a day to have the badge revoked. If you want it be de-listed sooner just let me know and I can run the scheduled task manually.


This is brilliant. Being able to quickly locate Clarion programmers available to do work will also make the Hub an even better and used resource.

This should calm the nerves of companies whose main worry about Clarion is the scarcity of regular users. There is now a first stop place to go to when you need a programmer.


Thanks for the feedback @JimM!

I noticed that it doesn’t show the text from the custom field in the user list, you have to click and open the user card to see the actual string which is less cool:

Maybe we can look into additional custom fields and badges specific to categories like a “Remote OK” badge and a “Available in the UK” badge, etc.

Suggestions welcome!


Ohhh, so today I did another thing :smiley: (see below for the reason this changed!)

This was a fun little project which I will write up in more detail if anyone is interested.

Single Page App

Everything you see comes from a single index.html file with a few <script>/link> bits included…

  • Vue.js - “The Progressive JavaScript Framework”
  • Buefy - Lightweight UI components for Vue.js based on Bulma
  • axios - Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js
  • Lodash - A modern JavaScript utility library delivering modularity, performance & extras.
  • Moment.js - Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates and times in JavaScript
  • Font Awesome - The iconic font and CSS toolkit

ClarionHub Discourse API

All the data comes directly from the ClarionHub website using the built in API.
Axios, mentioned above makes the api calls pretty easy, I then hacked around with the javascript until it seemed to fit :slight_smile:

If you have filled in the “Available for work” user field then you will get the badge and you will be listed. If you have filled in website/location/profile then that data also appears in the list!


  • Azure Functions - You may recall I did a webinar a while back on azure functions? This is a super neat way to get just the compute time you need backed by the brilliant azure!
  • Azure Storage - static file is in an azure storage blob. I am actually looking at the azure CDN instead just for fun but this was easiest to setup for now. The actual end-point is still “hidden” behind:
  • Azure Functions Proxies - This was not available when I did the webinar but it solved the final issue I think. Custom domain, default route… done! <-- Even just this was too slow. Boo!
  • Azure CDN - though getting a default route to index.html and waiting for the CDN to propagate is a total PITA!
  • Cloudflare - a very convenient way to get dns running as well as SSL.


I have actually duplicated this under Azure CDN now using a different domain:

The idea is that I am going to expand this to be any (opt-in) developers with filter/search for things like “looking for work” or maybe tags for specific industries or skills or whatever.

A work in progress but perhaps useful?

Also, Azure CDN is way better than Function Apps for this kind of thing. The cold start time on a function is horrible unless it is used a lot.

OH, I just noticed that the site is http only, not https. The SSL cert is still propagating through the CDN. Opps, jumped the gun there a bit. I will update the link when it is done.


BTW, this is another format I have been experimenting with:

This is a spare time project so I am only poking at it every now and then. I have plans to improve it though and have a filter and categories or something too. Perhaps an (opt-in) everyone list rather than just those looking for work. You know, that kind of thing! :slight_smile: